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Yoshiko Nomura


Academic Specialist


Yoshiko Nomura joined Ke Dong’s lab in 2000. Before she came to the USA, she earned a M.S. degree in Molecular Phytopathology from Shizuoka University in Japan. She then worked in the National Institute of Fruit Tree Science and National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences as a research technician.

Currently, Yoshiko is an academic specialist in the Department of Entomology. She conducts cloning and site-direct mutagenesis of insect sodium channels, and prepares sodium channel cRNA for others in the lab to carry out electrophysiological analyses.

Before Yoshiko joined Dong’s lab, she worked on plants, bacteria and viruses. Insect study is a totally different world for her, but it is very exciting. Her most recent achievement is the cloning of the first mosquito sodium channel from Aedes aegypti.

At home, Yoshiko is a mom of two girls. She enjoys her life in the USA.