Yanjie Luo


Visiting Scholar


Yanjie Luo is a visiting scholar that had joined the Dong’s Lab in August 2018. She received Ph.D. in Entomology from Southwest University in China. Yanjie Luo is interested in mechanism of pesticide resistance and management in insects and phytophagous mites.

Yanjie Luo works in Yunnan Agricultural Academy of Science (YAAS-CHINA) as a researcher. Since 2001, most of her research was focused on integrated pest management and mechanisms of pesticide resistance in vegetable and mulberry pests and mites. She was eager for new knowledge and joined the Dong’s research group. Using an approach of molecular genetics and electrophysiology, Yanjie is evaluating the toxicity and mode of action of essential oil components on Drosophila suzukii. She enjoys her research life in Dong’s Lab.


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