Yahui Liu


Visiting Scholar


Yahui Liu is a visiting scholar that had joined the Dong’s lab in October 2018. She received Ph.D in Entomology &Agriculture Insect Management from Nanjing Agricultural University in China. The research area of interest is how to make effective use of beneficial insect such as parasitoids to control pest insects on crops.There are many kinds of ways, for example, to provide food resource or shelter to wasp, as well as to strengthen informational communicate in helping to locate precisely plant and pest. 

Yahui Liu works in Zhejiang Agricultural and Forestry University (ZAFU-CHINA) as a associate professor. she looked forward to having the opportunity to learn new techniques and joined the Dong’s research group. she is working to characterize the Drosophila melanogaster specific olfactory receptors activated by botanical insecticide using molecular, genetic,electrophysiological and behavioral techniques.