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Wilson Valbon


Researcher Scholar


Wilson Valbon had joined the Dong's Lab in November 2018. He is currently a Doctor of Science student at Entomology Graduate Program of the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV - Brazil), from where he intends to obtain his Doctorate degree in 2020. His currently academic degrees are: Technician in Agriculture (2008) (IFES - Brazil), bachelor in Agronomy (2015) (UFES Alegre Campus -  Brazil) and Master of Science in Entomology (2016) (UFV - Brazil).

His experience in Entomology started in 2011 during his undergraduate. He developed projects aimed to management of agricultural pests, mainly with insects vector of viruses in tomato (i.e., thrips, aphid and whitefly) in Espírito Santo state and of stored grain pests (e.g., Sitophilus zeamais). Currently, he is focusing on ecotoxicology and insect physiology areas. His main aim is to understand how the abiotic (e.g., pesticides and heavy metals) and biotic (e.g., predatory risk) stressors can impact the physiology and behavior of aquatic insects (e.g., Culicidae, Belostomatidae and Notonectidae).


“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

(Steve Jobs)

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