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Our current research focuses on mode of action of insecticides; mechanisms of insecticide resistance; and molecular basis of repellency; and the molecular biology, neurophysiology and neuropharmacology of ion channels and receptors: 1) the Para family of voltage-gated sodium channels, known targets of insecticides, including pyrethroids; 2) the DSC1 family of voltage-gated cation channels as potential targets of new insecticides and 3) the odorant receptors that mediate insect repellency.

Experimental models: Drosophila melanogaster; cockroaches, mosquitoes, honeybees and bumble bees, mites and ticks.

Experimental approaches: Toxicological,  in vitro and in vivo electrophysiological, and behavioral analyses, and mosquito and Drosophila molecular genetics.


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